Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Kwasi Nyantakyi, MHA


Ashley Worrall
by Ashley Worrall
March 19th

Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Kwasi Nyantakyi, MHA

Kwasi is a Customer Success Manager at Feedtrail. He is a healthcare professional with 8+ years of healthcare-related experience in various roles including healthcare operations, strategic planning, patient experience, and digital marketing. He holds a Master of Health Administration from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in Bioethics from the University of Rochester. In addition to his formal education, Kwasi is also a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and educated in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Known for his ability to empower health systems and entities, Kwasi specializes in cultivating trusted online reputations, enhancing the patient experience, and optimizing operational processes. Outside of his professional endeavors, Kwasi enjoys spending quality time with his family, often found exploring the outdoors during leisurely walks or training rigorously for upcoming half marathons.


Share a fun fact about yourself.

I am the first client turned Customer Success Manager at Feedtrail.


What inspired you to work in the patient experience space?

In the past, I’ve worked closely with a Chief Patient Experience Officer facilitating leadership rounds across both inpatient units and outpatient centers. This direct engagement with patients provided invaluable insights into the complexities facing hospitals, practices, and clinics while also illuminating the profound impact their efforts have on enhancing the well-being of those they serve. This experience deepened my understanding of the challenges in healthcare delivery and inspired me to pursue work in the patient experience space.


What would you say are the key challenges healthcare organizations face in optimizing patient experiences

One of the challenges confronting healthcare organizations in their pursuit of enhancing the patient experience lies in improving clinician burnout. This challenge was exacerbated in the COVID-19 pandemic’s aftermath which has led to unprecedented attrition rates among nursing professionals. Additionally, healthcare entities grapple with the demand of remaining competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital consumerism. As an increasing number of consumers gravitate towards online platforms not only to seek healthcare services, but also to conduct transactions and other business task, healthcare organizations are tasked with aligning their operations to meet the consumer’s standards of timeliness and seamlessness exemplified by digital consumption leaders such as Amazon and Apple.


Share a moment in your career when you felt particularly inspired the impact of positive patient experiences?

In a previous role as a patient experience manager, I found great satisfaction in disseminating positive patient feedback to our clinicians. In attempt to gain buy-in for patient experience improvement initiatives, I observed a negative stigma many clinicians held surrounding patient feedback. By leveraging the Feedtrail platform, we were able to uncover and share a wealth of positive feedback, enabling us to uplift the spirits of our clinicians.



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