A Team of Changemakers

Feedtrail is backed by a team of passionate innovators deeply committed to our mission to
empower providers with real-time patient feedback.

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Madison Boley

Sales Operations Manager
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Sara Crow

Senior Account Executive

Jesse Haka

Chief Technology Officer
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Sean Hess

Sales Development Representative
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Kayla Jackson

Sales Development Representative
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Paul Jaglowski

Chief Executive Officer
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Matti Lehmus

Head of Integrations
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Mikko Lehmus

Head of Product
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Kendall Massey

Sales Development Representative
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Bradley McClure

Customer Success Manager
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Chris Miller

Head of Sales
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Ryan Phillips

Director Customer Relations
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Dante Rankart

Senior Account Executive
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Ashlyn Ross

Marketing Manager
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Andy Roth

Customer Success Manager
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Robert Trail

Sales Development Representative
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Delphis Vera

Head of Data Analytics and BI
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Nick Virden

Full Stack Developer
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Gert Volmer

Head of Marketing

Company Advisors


Joel Mier


Knox Singleton


Stephanie Alexander


David Gardner


Scott Albert


Al Vega