Say goodbye to guesswork

Dig Deep Patient Experience

Dig deep

Merge patient and employee experience data with EHR demographics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn how experiences differ across different populations.

Uncover Patient Experience Trends

Uncover trends

Drill into feedback topic groups and filter by demographics, location, and more to quickly uncover trends and identify areas for improvement.

Drive Patient Experience Changes

Drive meaningful change

Determine who is experiencing issues and the root cause of problems to make process improvements and better allocate resources.

Your experience data can solve your business problems

Patient Experience

Employee Experience

Service Recovery

Solve Patient Concerns

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Drill into question categories to highlight areas for improvement
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Leverage demographic data to shape how you address different segments of patients
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Identify patient churn and repeat patient visits by provider and location
Solve Patient Concerns

Solve Employee Concerns

Quickly identify focus areas to improve employee satisfaction and retention
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Track improvements to employee NPS, pulse surveys, exit surveys, and more
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Compare employee satisfaction to patient NPS scores​
Solve Employee Concerns

Improve Business Operations

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Quickly pinpoint service trouble areas within your organization to allocate resources
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Track service recovery processes and response time to improve effectiveness
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Identify which provider, location, or area has the most service opportunities
Improve Business Operations

Powerful analytics to uncover problems and drive meaningful change

Access to Care

Improve access to care

Looking at XM Insights question categories, an organization identified they had a problem with “Access to Care.” Easily diving deeper, “Ease of Scheduling” at a location was the root cause with patients consistently complaining they were not answering the phone. They were able to make improvements at reception, market their MyChart portal for messaging, and stop missing out on patient revenue.

Uncover hidden issues

XM Insights uncovered that telehealth had significantly lower scores than other parts of the organization and identified which locations were affected. Patients were repeatedly experiencing technical problems with their telehealth platform. The organization was able to quickly fix this unknown issue and improve patient experiences.

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

Pinpoint service discrepancies

XM Insights highlighted issues within a patient population at an organization showing women’s response rates and NPS scores were significantly lower during OB and Pediatric visits. They were able to focus on those service lines to personalize surveys by specialty and understand key drivers.


See XM Insights in Action

What could your patient and employee experience data be trying to telling you?

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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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