Patient experience rounding tool to streamline rounding processes

Optimize your rounding efforts
from start to finish

With limited time and resources, you need to round without creating burdensome processes. Leverage the XM Platform to optimize rounding, increasing the impact of efforts and streamlining execution.

The patient experience rounding module prioritizes who to round on based on their experience feedback, allows rounders to use their own mobile device, and includes prompts and reminders to ensure ideal experiences for both parties. Rounding data is easily collected and aggregated by the XM Platform, highlighting successes and areas for improvement.


  • Prioritize rounding efforts based on real time experience feedback
  • Empower team members to perform leadership, patient, and employee rounding from the convenience of their own mobile device
  • Eliminate additional hardware while personalizing communication and streamlining data capture
  • Provide in-survey reminders, tips, and prompts to improve the interaction

Maximize Resources with a Targeted Rounding Process

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

Morning of Rouding: Leader automatically receives an email reminder with the XM Platform link.

Rouding Starts: Leader opens the link on their own phone to begin, using in-platform scripting and process reminders.

Rouding Completed: All data is automatically captured and aggregated by the XM platform, wiht no manual processes. 

Improve experiences while making the most of tight schedules. Download the patient experience rounding collateral to learn more:​

Looking to move the needle on HCAHPS scores? Purposeful rounding is proven to improve patient satisfaction scores.

Daniels, Juli F. “Purposeful and timely nursing rounds: a best practice implementation project.” JBI database of systematic reviews and implementation reports vol. 14,1 (2016): 248-67. doi:10.11124/jbisrir-2016-2537

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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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