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As you embark on the journey to transform patient engagement, grow patient satisfaction, and elevate your quality of care, choosing the best patient experience software is pivotal. At Feedtrail we were built specifically for healthcare and have tailored our platform to meet your unique needs and provide actionable insights. You can eliminate multiple point solutions and use one integrated platform as a central source of truth for patient and employee experience.

We even received the Best in KLAS 2024 Award for Patient Experience Improvement, receiving the highest category ranking based on unbiased interviews with hundreds of healthcare organizations.

Here’s why healthcare organizations, from small community health centers to large private equity backed medical practices, choose Feedtrail:

1. Real-Time Patient Engagement

With Feedtrail, you have the power to engage with your patients in real time, at any point during their healthcare journey.  Enrich the patient journey with timely interactions that matter. Address concerns, gather feedback, and offer support when it matters most, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Question to ask competitors:

  • Does your platform allow for real-time patient engagement throughout the entire patient journey?

      2. Flexible Surveys

      Feedtrail’s XM Platform empowers you to effortlessly craft surveys tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you’re seeking to measure patient satisfaction by provider, gather insights for quality improvement initiatives, or personalize outreach strategies by patient demographic, Feedtrail’s flexible survey tools let you ask the right questions to drive meaningful change.

      Question to ask competitors:

      • Can we easily customize surveys and questions to adapt to our evolving initiatives?

          3. Immediate Service Recovery

          Harness real-time data to swiftly address concerns and salvage patient experiences. Leveraging real-time insights and notifications, Feedtrail enables you to identify and address issues promptly, often before a patient has even left your care. This proactive approach to service recovery not only salvages potentially negative experiences, but demonstrates your commitment to patient-centric care and builds loyalty.

          Question to ask competitors:

          • Does your platform support immediate service recovery to salvage negative experiences in real time?

              4. Reputation Management Tools

              Drive positive online reviews and bolster your organization’s reputation with Feedtrail’s integrated reputation management tools. Automatically send promoters to your review sites to grow positive reviews, showcase the exceptional care provided by your team, and attract new patients. Monitor your improvements and respond to comments from within the XM Platform.

              Question to ask competitors:

              • Do you have integrated reputation management tools with a history of growing positive reviews?

                  5. Robust BI and Analytics

                  Utilize XM Insights, Feedtrail’s advanced BI and analytics platform, to quickly view areas of concern and understand experiences by demographic. By pinpointing areas of opportunity, integrating demographic data to understand how experiences differ, and tracking key performance indicators, you can make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement.

                  Question to ask competitors:

                  • Do you have integrated BI and analytics to easily identify opportunities and support business goals?

                      6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

                      Harnessing the power of AI, Feedtrail’s patient experience platform goes beyond mere data collection to provide intelligent insights and recommendations. By analyzing feedback patterns and identifying areas of concern, our AI-driven approach helps you stay ahead of patient needs and continuously elevate the quality of care you deliver.

                      Question to ask competitors:

                      • How does your patient experience software leverage AI to enhance patient experiences?

                          7. Benchmarking

                          Gain valuable insights into your organization’s performance by accessing patient experience benchmarks. We even have the largest community health and FQHC benchmark. With Feedtrail, you can compare your performance against industry standards, identify areas for improvement, and strive for excellence in patient satisfaction.

                          Question to ask competitors:

                          • Do you offer patient experience benchmarking?

                              8. Healthcare-Only

                              Feedtrail’s patient experience software was purpose-built for healthcare, tailored to address the unique challenges and workflows of the industry. As a healthcare-only solution, the XM Platform seamlessly integrates into healthcare environments, ensuring optimal usability and alignment with your organization’s processes and workflows.

                              Question to ask competitors:

                              • Are your experience management solutions solely focused on healthcare?

                                  9. Dedicated Customer Success Manager

                                  When you partner with Feedtrail you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager by your side every step of the way. Unlike impersonal support channels, your Customer Success Manager serves as a trusted advisor, offering personalized guidance and ensuring you maximize the value of the XM Platform to achieve your patient experience goals.

                                  Question to ask competitors:

                                  • Do you offer personalized support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager?

                                      10. Deep Healthcare Background

                                      At Feedtrail, many of our team members bring firsthand experience from healthcare roles, including bedside nursing, leading a PFAC, and serving as a Patient Experience Officer. This deep understanding of the healthcare landscape informs every aspect of our platform, ensuring it addresses the real-world challenges faced by healthcare providers and organizations. They also draw on their backgrounds to partner with clients and provide resources.

                                      Question to ask competitors:

                                      • Will I be supported by a team with backgrounds working in healthcare?


                                          With Feedtrail you’re not just selecting the best patient experience software, you’re partnering with a team dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through innovative technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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