Patient experience (PX)

Transform the Entire
Patient Journey with
Real Time & Regulatory Patient Surveys

Deliver personalized patient experiences.

Transform your entire patient journey to be more personalized and profitable, in real time. Engage at key moments of each patient’s unique journey to understand and exceed expectations, leveraging flexible tools, actionable timely data, and powerful analytics.

Complete the picture with regulatory and phone call surveying to support your CAHPS, MIPS, Culture of Safety, and ACO REACH needs.

By personalizing outreach via text, email, and phone calls the PX application empowers healthcare organizations to:

  • Engage patients in real time throughout their journey
  • Personalize encounters regardless of setting
  • Act swiftly for immediate service recovery
  • Grow revenue by retaining and acquiring patients
  • Meet regulatory survey requirements
  • Understand the why behind survey scores
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

Feedtrail Now Offers Regulatory Surveying

 The flexibility you want and the compliance you need. Feedtrail clients can take advantage of real-time surveying AND regulatory surveying.

Through a partnership, phone call surveying and regulatory surveying are now available, including:

CAHPS (H, OAS, ED, CG), ACO REACH, Culture of Safety, and MIPS

Streamline all of your patient survey needs with Feedtrail:

Leverage real-time surveying with actionable insights to optimize your business.

At Feedtrail we’ve challenged the traditional model of patient experience management and believe healthcare organizations that provide real-time surveying with in-the-moment actionable feedback can transform, not only the patient experience but business operations.

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

What does a flexible platform provide?

Millennium Physician Group recovered over 5,000 canceled appointments in two weeks using Feedtrail for outreach post-Covid.

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How could you improve loyalty with real-time data?

CHOC’s ED historically had a low Net Promoter Score (NPS), within 5 months of deploying Feedtrail, deeper insights allowed them to increase their NPS by 54 points.

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How does immediate service recovery impact revenue?

With Feedtrail’s service recovery automation Gracepoint recovered over $1 Million by salvaging over 500 patient experiences.

Learn more, hear Kirsten Royster, CXO, Novant Health discuss

“How to exceed expectations by understanding the white spaces in patient journeys”

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

“A listening strategy that provides insights to improve care is very important. With Feedtrail, we tailor surveys to our care settings, allowing us to get an enterprise view of experience and drill down as needed.”

Kirsten Royster
Chief Patient Experience Officer
Novant Health

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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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