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Top benefits of using Feedtrail, the best patient engagement software

Leverage digital patient engagement software to easily send patients messages, announcements, and reminders. Choosing the best patient engagement system is key to ensuring effective communication.

Dig Deep Patient Experience

Improve Health Outcomes

These healthcare patient engagement solutions help you connect with patients to improve outcomes. Proactively send patients information about their care plans, remind them to book preventive care, and broadcast community events.

Uncover Patient Experience Trends

Streamline Communication

Improved communication leads to higher patient satisfaction. Share timely updates with patients so they feel connected, less anxious, and aware of important updates about your facility.

Drive Patient Experience Changes

Promote Your Services

Increase revenue by promoting your services and offerings. Patient engagement solutions for hospitals and practices allow for the easy sending of marketing messages to increase awareness and drive appointments.

Top 3 features of Feedtrail’s patient engagement software solutions

Boost patient engagement and drive revenue with Feedtrail’s Flexible Messaging, a top patient engagement solution. This healthcare engagement platform allows you to send personalized or mass messages, announcements, and reminders at key points in the patient’s care journey. By utilizing this digital patient engagement software, messages are sent directly to patients’ phones, enhancing communication and adherence. As a leading patient engagement company, Feedtrail ensures your healthcare patient engagement solutions are effective and easy to implement.

Access to Care

Personalized Messaging

Send tailored messages to individual patients based on their specific needs and care journey stages using Feedtrail’s digital patient engagement software. This feature ensures communication is relevant and timely, enhancing the patient engagement. As a top patient engagement company, Feedtrail helps you deliver personalized care through advanced patient interaction software.

Mass Messaging

Efficiently broadcast announcements and reminders to large patient groups with Feedtrail’s mass messaging feature. This patient engagement solution for hospitals and healthcare providers streamlines communication, ensuring critical information reaches all patients promptly. Our healthcare engagement platform supports seamless and widespread patient communication.

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Automated Workflows

Automate your messaging workflows to ensure timely and consistent patient communication with Feedtrail’s healthcare patient engagement solutions. This feature reduces manual effort and increases efficiency, making it easier for your team to manage patient interactions. As part of our comprehensive health engagement platform, automated workflows enhance the overall effectiveness of your patient engagement systems.


Client success with our digital patient engagement software

EVMS Medical Group has sent several messaging campaigns to improve patient outcomes:


  • EVMS Medical Group’s diabetes broadcasting campaign targeted patients who needed their hemoglobin A1C levels checked. By sending specific messages to these patients, they achieved a 41% increase in reported hemoglobin A1C levels, leading to better management of diabetes within the community.
  • During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they conducted a campaign to remind patients about overdue mammograms.
  • Additionally, they focused on annual wellness visit broadcasting to proactively maintain patient health through necessary screenings.
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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