Finally, a true real-time feedback solution

Good or bad, you need to know
what is on your customer’s mind.

At Feedtrail, we believe that learning about and reacting to your customers’ experience during their time with you is paramount for success as a business.

We are proud to bring businesses a solution that not only gives customers a voice, but also allows on-duty managers to respond directly to dissatisfied customers as soon as their feedback is received.

Learning from customers
has never been easier

Our web-based platform empowers customers to share their voice in as little as 10 seconds from their mobile device throughout their experience with your business.

No apps, no hassle.

Immediate impact

As soon as feedback is provided, it passes through our proprietary analytics dashboard so your team can extract strategic and operational insights before customers have even left the location.

After all, what good is collecting feedback if you must wait weeks to learn from it?

Keeping your team in the loop

Collecting feedback in real time is useless if your key staff is not able to act on what they learn from customers. Our platform informs your appropriate team members instantly of all customer concerns in their domain, and even gives them a road map to handling dissatisfied customers.

It’s time you get the right insights to the right people at the right time.

Seamless implementation

No IT investment required. Our platform is designed to lessen the burden of your team, not overwhelm them with a complex implementation schedule.

Worried that your organization might be too large or complex to benefit from Feedtrail? Rest assured. Whether you are monitoring locations, departments or individuals, our web-based solution scales to fit your needs.

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