"With Feedtrail, we’re able to directly retain patients, where before we wouldn't have even known there was an issue."

Paul Carrington

Director of Quality - Pratt Regional


Make Patient Experience Your Top Priority

The healthcare industry has never been more competitive. Patient expectations are higher than ever, and healthcare organizations must leverage the right tools to meet those expectations. Using Feedtrail's real-time surveys and AI-driven analytics, you will retain more revenue by building better relationships with your patients and fixing problems as soon as they occur.

decrease in patient churn

increase in NPS score each quarter

increase in Social Media top scores 

reduction in surveying cost

Give Your Operation an Edge

Sourcing input on the spot, Feedtrail highlights critical issues and empowers staff to respond right away, enabling providers to prioritize the patient experience rather than getting an earful after the fact.

"Feedtrail enables the busy ED leader to perform a real-time pulse check on the patient experience with just a glance at the dashboard"

Claude Stang

Executive Director - Emergency Department at Cedars Sinai

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Tap into the Patient Perspective

Capture and improve patient satisfaction in the moment with Feedtrail’s short and simple feedback forms delivered digitally at the time of care.



Guided by Feedtrail’s customer success team, craft a custom-branded, tailored feedback form.



Collect candid patient feedback by SMS message or tablet at any point during a stay.



Immediately review responses and key metrics on a secure, user-friendly interface.



Receive instant notifications, enabling on-duty providers to address concerns promptly.

Seconds to Superior

Patient experience feedback forms in under 10 seconds

Exceptional Engagement

Up to 91% patient response rate prior to discharge

Real Results

Incremental improvements in top box CAHPS scores

An Industry-Approved Solution

The platform of choice for the nation’s leading healthcare providers, Feedtrail works with clients of every size and specialty — from critical access hospitals to inpatient clinics to outpatient centers and beyond — to develop customized solutions that meet each facility's needs. See what our clients have to say, and join our roster of satisfied partners.


With millions of dollars in additional revenue tied to patient satisfaction, Feedtrail’s solution should be in every hospital.

J. Knox Singleton

Former CEO, Inova Health System
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Feedtrail’s platform allows my team to collect raw patient feedback and distill the most crucial insights in a matter of seconds.

Kathy Ritch

Senior Director for Quality & Operational Excellence, High Point Regional UNC Healthcare

Finally, the team at Feedtrail has built a solution that complements CAHPS and nurse rounding procedures to help healthcare teams collect real-time patient feedback.

Bill Pully

President Emeritus, North Carolina Hospital Association

Learn how one hospital improved its patient experience scores by 140%​​​​​​​

In this free webinar, learn new and innovative ways to improve patient satisfaction top box scores and how to better retain patients in the critical access setting, and increase your patients' likelihood to recommend you to family and friends.