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Learn how Feedtrail clients have leveraged the XM platform to better serve their patients, employees, and communities.

“With Feedtrail, we have a patient and family advisory committee comprised of 30,000 patients, not just 5-10.”

– Jessica Walker, Patient and Family Experience Specialist,  Aveanna Healthcare


Whitman-Walker was able to move over 60% of their patients to some amount of telehealth from exclusively in-person appointments, allowing them to serve more patients.

Leadership for each of New Hanover’s service areas is able to look at their specific, relevant data, which arrives seconds after the patient submits their feedback.

Feedtrail is the most user-friendly platform, hands down, that I’ve ever used to collect and analyze patient feedback.

– Cardiology Director, Holy Name

Cedars-Sinai ED learned that the most effective way to boost satisfaction scores wasn’t to shorten a patient’s wait. It was to make their wait more pleasant.

We’ve tried tons of other platforms and none can do what Feedtrail can.

– PX Director, Sheltering Arms Rehab Hospital

Gracepoint successfully resolved roughly 75% of 1,000+ service recovery opportunities within 48 hours, overall recovering 98.5% of all opportunities.

Aveanna, a decentralized network of 200+ branches spanning 25 states has retained more patients and employees thanks to Feedtrail’s service recovery and staff highlights.

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