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What is “Experience Management"?

Experience Management means engaging at key moments of each patient’s unique journey- before, during, and after their visit- to understand and exceed expectations. To achieve this, you need faster results, better analytical tools, the ability to pull in employee experience data, and a holistic view pulling everything together. This overarching view of Experience Management provides powerful insights that can change an entire organization’s trajectory for the better.

What size and type of healthcare organizations does Feedtrail work with?

We work with organizations of all specializations and sizes. Our clients include IDNs, 3,000-bed health systems, medical clinic groups with 200+ locations, 20-bed critical access hospitals, physical rehabilitation clinics, concierge medicine practices, cancer institutes, and more. Feedtrail empowers providers across the spectrum with real-time patient feedback so they can keep their promises to patients and respond to hiccups on the spot.

How long does Feedtrail take to implement?

We can design, customize, and roll out the platform within one month of an organization’s commitment, as long as your team is ready, willing, and available to get started.

Does Feedtrail integrate with other software programs?

Yes. Our platform can integrate via API, HL7, and other frameworks with a wide variety of other healthcare software platforms including EHRs, risk management, scheduling, and shift management software.

Can we customize the questions on our feedback form?

Yes. Your team will have complete control over the questions you ask, provided that they don’t overlap with CMS guidelines. You will have the freedom to set up unique question sets for each department, location, and provider within your organization so you can ensure that your team is learning about what is most important to their specific domain.

How long will it take for my organization to notice results?

Our customers have seen results in less than a month. We fully believe in the power of the information gathered from your patients using Feedtrail, but the feedback is only as powerful as your commitment to responding. Ultimately the results will depend on your institution taking swift, thoughtful, and effective action in response to the real-time information you receive.

What is the pricing model?

We recognize that each of our customers has unique needs, and we tailor our system to meet your specific goals. Want a quote? Contact us for a demo.


How do patients provide feedback?

Our platform is entirely web-based so patients can access their custom feedback form on any device with internet connection. Patients (and employees, if you use Feedtrail to engage with them) will typically access the form via a link in a text message they receive either on-site while visiting your organization, or shortly after their encounter ends. In an outpatient or a clinic setting, providers may opt to have patients respond using tablets prior to discharge.

We also partner with an approved vendor to offer phone call surveying and regulatory surveying, including: CAHPS (H-, OAS-, ED-, CG-), ACO REACH and MIPS.


Does Feedtrail require patients to download an app to provide feedback?
No. Our entire platform is web-based so that any patient with an internet connection on their device can access the feedback form. The same goes for providers who want to monitor the feedback received; they can log in to their Feedtrail account to review all patient feedback from the convenience of their own cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.


Is there a limit to the number of users we can have on the Feedtrail platform?
No. Any number of users within your organization can be given access to your Feedtrail platform.
Can we pull reports from the data we collect?
Yes. All individuals with access to your Feedtrail platform will have the ability to produce custom reports which can be exported into Excel for further analysis.


What type of PHI is stored in Feedtrail's system?
Feedtrail’s patient and employee engagement platform primarily consumes subject’s phone number as one of the 18 pieces of information that are considered identifiers for the purposes of HIPAA compliance to be able to send feedback links. Feedtrail generates a unique identifier for each feedback that is received. When Feedtrail is integrated to an EHR, Feedtrail can consume additional PHI to automatically send feedback links to patients at desired stages of the patient journey; however, that data is stored in a non-public environment and not accessible. All PHI that Feedtrail does not consume for sending feedback links is immediately deleted from our servers. All customer data resides within the US.
What intruder detection measures are available and how are notifications forwarded to customers?
Feedtrail is hosted in a monitored and secured AWS cloud instance with all intruder detection control measures. Should a breach be detected, Feedtrail will immediately contact the customer’s POC (phone, SMS, email) and send a complete incident report.
Does the application store any clinical and/or non-clinical patient data on the end user device?
NO, no clinical data or non-clinical patient data is stored on the end-user device or the platform user.
Is it possible to visualize any patient demographic data through the Feedtrail platform?
Yes, it is possible for Feedtrail to link patient demographic data to the feedback it receives and make it visible through the platform with customer authorization. However, that data will only be visible based on permission/ role levels. When exporting data, Feedtrail provides the capability to remove identifiers from the dataset prior to exporting for any additional analysis.
Does the customer have the ability to customize/modify the functionality/behaviors of the application?
Feedtrail is a SaaS platform and all of its features and tools are available across Feedtrail’s customer base. And since Feedtrail takes a customer- centric approach to developing its software, we constantly bring new features that are immediately available to all customers. This means that, with the flip of a few switches, the platform can be customized to fit a wide variety of use cases.
What is the frequency of system patches to keep the underlying application software serving the platform up-to-date?
Feedtrail has a continuous development strategy where we push updates to the system at high intervals (almost daily). New features are launched continuously, with minor updates coming in daily and major product features on a weekly/monthly basis.

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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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