Flexibility and Customization to Meet Any Organization’s Needs

With Feedtrail XM, you can target specific questions to patients based on multiple factors, and use our advanced analytics suite to gain visibility across all care stages and touchpoints.

The New Reality of Patient-Centered Care

Today’s healthcare organizations face a new reality, one where digitally-empowered patients make decisions based on personal preferences and perceived value. Service teams need to be equally empowered with the right tools to capture, understand, and act on these dynamic customer preferences in real time. Current HCAHPS survey practices and tools fall short, and high-priced, big-brand customer experience platforms are often inflexible, time-consuming to implement, and require IT support for even the most minor changes.

Real-time insights

Flexible engagement

Patient retention

Patient preference

Service Recovery


Staff members are promptly alerted about negative feedback via email or text push notifications. These updates empower providers to rapidly resolve any issues in real time.


Feedtrail provides department-specific notifications to the appropriate on-duty staff, facilitating seamless issue resolution. Leaders can see how and when each member of their team is alerted.


Feedtrail’s dashboard enables medical staff to message patients directly, fostering a culture of proactive communication and improving patient perception of their care facility.

Setup for Success

Effortless Integration

Feedtrail’s implementation process is designed to make your experience as speedy and seamless as possible. With no IT or hardware requirements, Feedtrail’s API easily integrates with existing software.

Dedicated Support

Feedtrail’s customer success managers provide personalized support, training, and resources, helping your team create a targeted survey with tailored questions that measure how well you’re delivering on specific organizational goals.

Informed Rollout

Feedtrail’s pilot program enables you to test-drive the platform’s full functionalities in up to four locations to experience the benefits and inform an expanded rollout.


Compliant Communication

In line with HCAHPS regulations, Feedtrail is a customizable solution that provides unprecedented upfront information while meeting the needs of a strict regulatory environment. Safeguards ensure that no aspect of the Feedtrail platform infringes on CMS-mandated CAHPS questions, and our existing clients have seen no reduction in post-discharge survey response rates.

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