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New Hanover Regional Medical Center Learns from Real-time Data


Leadership for each of New Hanover’s service areas is able to look at their specific, relevant data, which arrives seconds after the patient submits their feedback.

Instead of waiting weeks for feedback, patients now receive a text survey two hours after checkout providing same-day insights.



New Hanover’s ambulatory services were unable to get live, updating patient feedback the same day the patient was seen. Their service recovery efforts were days behind, and the data they received was weeks behind. These factors prevented leadership from implementing effective changes and process improvements.


New Hanover implemented Feedtrail’s real-time experience management tool across their entire ambulatory footprint. Patients now receive a text survey two hours after checkout, with their submitted feedback available to New Hanover immediately, providing powerful insights.


Leadership and managers alike can see the patient feedback that is relevant to them – whether a high-level overview, department-specific initiative, or individual provider improvement plans. Each user has customized their reports so they can quickly look at the data they want. Practice managers are empowered to make necessary changes, and leadership can easily keep a finger on the pulse of every patient in their care.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is a health system serving southeast North Carolina. Services include inpatient, outpatient, surgery, ED, physician groups and more.

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