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PartnerMD Creates a Culture of Recognition by Sharing Feedback


PartnerMD significantly increased patient feedback by 800% through leveraging real-time surveys with Feedtrail, enabling prompt service recovery for any imperfections, and fostering a culture of recognition and improvement by continually sharing positive feedback across the organization.

“Sharing feedback company-wide raises the bar for everyone, giving our staff insights into how patients are experiencing PartnerMD in every office.”


– Jack Bretcher, Chief Operating Officer, PartnerMD



PartnerMD, a primary care concierge-model practice, faced the challenge of prioritizing patient experience while maintaining a high standard of care. Recognizing the need for improvement, the practice sought a solution to gather and address patient feedback effectively.


PartnerMD took proactive measures by leveraging Feedtrail to conduct real-time patient surveys, setting a threshold for immediate notification and service recovery for any less-than-perfect experiences. The Chief Operating Officer, Jack Bretcher, emphasized the importance of positive feedback, which was regularly shared across the organization, fostering a culture of recognition and praise.


As a result of these actions, PartnerMD experienced an impressive 800% increase in patient feedback. The monthly dissemination of positive feedback through company-wide newsletters created a culture of continuous improvement, breaking down barriers to feedback and encouraging staff to consistently seek ways to enhance the overall patient experience. “Make a big deal of the feedback you get,” Jack says. “It builds into who you are as a company and as a culture.”

Feedtrail implemented at Novant Health

PartnerMD remains at the forefront of concierge medicine. Focused on personalized primary care, they have physicians and health coaches in offices across four states in the Mid-Atlantic.


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