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HealthNet Grows Survey Volumes and Improves Patient Access


HealthNet transformed their patient feedback process with Feedtrail, increasing their annual response rate by 1,167% to 19,000 responses, and leveraging instant insights into patient experiences, including understanding why missed appointments occur to improve patient access.

“A missed-appointment survey really gives us a better understanding of why a person may not be able to come to a visit, so we can uncover ways to remove barriers to their care.”


– Carrie Bonsack, Chief Business Development Officer, HealthNet



HealthNet faced significant challenges with their traditional paper survey approach, patients were displeased with the process, and the collected data offered minimal insights, primarily who had shown up for their appointment — nothing more.


HealthNet adopted Feedtrail, resulting in a remarkable 1,167% increase in annual response rates, now receiving 19,000 responses per year. This shift provided immediate access to valuable patient feedback, enabling HealthNet to incorporate feedback mechanisms into daily routines for health center managers, nursing team leads, and service line directors. They expanded their survey initiatives to various aspects of their organization, including dietician services, diabetes education, clinical pharmacy, homelessness programs, and a missed appointment survey.


HealthNet gained instant results and a more nuanced and deeper grasp of patient experience metrics. They can now address pressing patient needs immediately and understand the root cause behind good or bad experiences by service line, initiative, or provider. They’re addressing community needs by understanding patient access barrier and working to create solutions.

Valley Professionals Community Health Center

HealthNet is one of the largest FQHCs in the Indianapolis area, serving over 600,000 patients each year and offering a wide range of primary care, community health, and behavioral health services.


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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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