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With Feedtrail, Gracepoint has been able to successfully resolve roughly 75% of 1,000+ service recovery opportunities within 48 hours.

“Gracepoint has successfully recovered 98.5% of all service recovery opportunities.”



Gracepoint has been a community leader in the Tampa behavioral health space for decades. However the market is becoming saturated, making it both more difficult and more vital to remain competitive in the current landscape.


Gracepoint began using Feedtrail across their footprint, including inpatient, outpatient, and primary care service lines. Leadership made quick, efficient service recovery a priority of their Feedtrail workflow.


Gracepoint’s incredible team, sharp focus on service recovery, and usage of Feedtrail have helped them achieve success from Day 1. Feedtrail’s instant notifications, delivered directly to the appropriate team member, allow Gracepoint to address patient issues within minutes, instead of days or weeks later. This has enabled Gracepoint to act swiftly, decisively, and effectively, recovering 98.5% of all opportunities. Even better, almost 75% of service recovery opportunities have been successfully resolved within 48 hours.

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

Gracepoint is Tampa Bay’s leading provider of behavioral health solutions, dedicated to inspiring and creating life-changing wellness for every individual for more than 70 years..

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Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
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