Patient Engagement for a Successful National Influenza Vaccination Week

Paul Jaglowski
by Christine Serafin, Customer Success 
November 27th

As winter approaches, safeguarding public health takes center stage. The upcoming National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW – Dec 4 – 8, 2023) underscores the significance of proactive measures in the ongoing battle against the seasonal flu. Effective communication and timely reminders are pivotal in ensuring widespread vaccine uptake, thus reducing the burden on healthcare systems. Embracing technology and communication channels empowers organizations to play a crucial role in promoting public health.

Why opt for flu shots? It’s the most effective strategy to avoid influenza or mitigate the severity of the illness if contracted. Each year, flu vaccination proves instrumental in preventing illnesses, medical visits, hospitalizations, and deaths. Still individuals aged 65 and older face a higher risk of severe complications from the flu compared to their younger, healthier counterparts. Recent data suggests that a substantial percentage (70%) of seasonal flu-related deaths and hospitalizations in the United States occur among those 65 and older.

Strategies to Get your Patient Population Vaccinated

Automated Reminders

In the pursuit of maximizing flu vaccine coverage, leveraging timely reminders emerges as a robust strategy. Whether delivered through text messages or emails, reminders act as gentle nudges, encouraging individuals to get their flu shots this year. If you’re having any type of promotions for flu week, harness technology combined with education to reach a broader audience, fostering a culture of preventative healthcare. Many Feedtrail clients leverage the XM platform to send out automated flu shot reminders to patients and employees, communicate messages about upcoming vaccine clinics, and share links to flu shot resources.

Personalized Community Outreach

Education stands as a cornerstone in promoting the importance of flu vaccination. Organizations can seize the opportunity to disseminate accurate information about the flu, its potential complications, and the benefits of vaccination. Debunking myths and misconceptions empower communities to make informed decisions, leading to increased vaccination rates and reduced disease prevalence. Personalized messaging and education, addressing concerns about vaccine safety or emphasizing the benefits for vulnerable populations, cultivate a deeper connection, instilling a sense of responsibility towards community well-being. Custom surveys can help you understand how vaccine hesitancy may differ across your patient population and understand potential barriers to care.

Social Reviews and Testimonials

In the digital age, social media emerges as a potent tool for distributing information and engaging communities. Harnessing popular platforms to spread awareness about NIVW and the importance of flu vaccination can yield remarkable results. Encouraging community participation, sharing testimonials, and providing access to credible resources foster a sense of collective responsibility, contributing to a healthier and more resilient society. With Feedtrail when surveying patients post-vaccination you can easily redirect happy patients to leave a review or testimonial.

Creating Healthy Communities

The success of NIVW initiatives hinge on collaboration between public health authorities, healthcare providers, community organizations, and the public. By fostering strong partnerships and a shared vision, organizations can amplify the reach of their messages, promote a culture of preventive healthcare, and contribute to the overall well-being of society.

By working together to ensure that people receive their flu vaccines, we can collectively reduce the impact of influenza, protect those most vulnerable, and build stronger, healthier communities.  Sending flu vaccine reminders to employees, patients, and communities is a vital aspect of preparing for this event. So, mark your calendars (Dec 4 – 8, 2023) for NIVW and spread the message – “Get Vaccinated, Stay Healthy!” Reach out to experts at Feedtrail to easily send your patients reminders, messages, and custom surveys!

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