Feedtrail Recognized in KLAS Report of Patient Experience Improvement Vendors

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
by Ashley Worrall
7th December

Highlighted for bringing patient needs front and center and providing data for better decision-making

RALEIGH, NC (December 7, 2021) — Feedtrail, a leading provider of healthcare experience management solutions, has been recognized in the recent KLAS report, Patient Experience Improvement 2021, that examines the opportunity for healthcare to augment a CAHPS-centric approach to patient experience with more customizable capabilities. This is Feedtrail’s first time being reviewed by KLAS, resulting in an Overall Satisfaction Score of 94.7*. Comparing the Overall Satisfaction Scores of the five vendors highlighted in the Patient Experience Improvement 2021 report, the average Overall Satisfaction Score is 90.5, putting Feedtrail 4.2 points above the average.

Feedtrail is a trailblazer in the patient experience space, offering real time feedback and unique flexibility that allows organizations to dig a level deeper into their data to understand the true drivers of experience. The Experience Management (XM) platform empowers healthcare teams to engage with patients at any point during the lifecycle of care and perform immediate service recovery, aligning with the capabilities that KLAS reports are necessary to truly amplify the voice of the patient and address the demands of patients as consumers.

“It is encouraging to see the industry shifting from the focus on retrospective benchmarking to satisfy CAHPS requirements to recognizing the need for innovative, real-time solutions to truly move the needle on patient experience,” said Stephanie Alexander, CEO, Feedtrail. “Our goal at Feedtrail has always been to provide healthcare organizations with groundbreaking experience management tools to truly improve the patient and family’s experience, while at the same time substantially improving regulatory scores.”

Feedback from current customers covered topics such as service and support, technology, and future outlook with a director stating “The actionability of the information from the product is great.” A VP said “We are more responsive to patients because of Feedtrail’s system.” Touching on customer service, a manager shared ”Feedtrail is engaging to their clients. They really listen to their client’s needs.”

“From day one we have taken great pride in building relationships with our customers and are thrilled to see that they view us as the single most trusted vendor,” said Paul Jaglowski, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Feedtrail. “We work to continually incorporate customer needs and ideas into the platform, so they have actionable data and experience insights at their fingertips to stay competitive and profitable.”

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*With limited data


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