MedCity News: Can Positive Patient Feedback Reduce Burnout? One Company Thinks So

Ashley Worral
December 13th

Feedtrail’s Clinician Retention Workgroup was recently featured in a MedCity News article:


“Software company Feedtrail recently launched a clinician retention workgroup designed to streamline the process of connecting employees to positive patient feedback. The first cohort involves four providers, including Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.

Healthcare providers are well aware that the industry’s burnout crisis is having a disastrous effect on staffing levels. In fact, some researchers predict that up to 75% of healthcare employees will leave the field by 2025. A new initiative from software company Feedtrail seeks to make healthcare workers feel more satisfied in their roles by connecting them with messages of patient gratitude.


Feedtrail — a Raleigh-based company focused on patient feedback — launched a clinician retention workgroup on Monday that is designed to streamline the process of ensuring that employees are aware of positive patient feedback.

“Historically, the culture of patient experience surveying has been focused on identifying opportunities for improvement and uncovering patient concerns, rather than identifying and highlighting the positive aspects of patient experiences,” said Paul Jaglowski, Feedtrail’s co-founder and chief strategy officer.”

Read the full article on the MedCity News website.

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