Choptank Community Health Partners with Feedtrail to enhance patient experience

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
21st February

DENTONT, MD February 21, 2020 Seeking to improve patient’s experiences in their community health center, Choptank Community Health System has introduced a new feedback tool that will allow patients to comment on their experiences in real time rather than waiting to complete surveys after going home.

Now, through the use of Feedtrail’s business intelligence platform, patients are prompted to complete short, targeted surveys delivered to them via text message, enabling staff to respond to needs as they arise during that patient’s care. The short surveys are tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances and are received within hours of the patient’s visit.

““Since our first interaction with Choptank Health, we have been extremely impressed with their innovation in the healthcare space as well as their dedication to improving the experiences of their patients,. We are thrilled to be partnering with such a wonderful organization.”

Co-Founder and CEO Paul Jaglowski at Feedtrail

The new tool is a departure from the traditional approach to patient feedback in FQHC’s. Patients typically receive longer surveys by paper, phone, or email several days after being seen when details about their visits have begun to fade. Such surveys take a one-size-fits-all approach to feedback, asking the same questions whether a patient is seen for behavioral health problems or for a dental cleaning. With Feedtrail, Choptank Health can now distill the most crucial and time-sensitive insights related to every patient-provider interaction, which is paramount in providing a satisfying patient experience.

“Before Feedtrail,  obtaining patient experience data was a tedious process of manually sending, receiving, and analyzing information, while still striving to provide the best experience for each of our patients. Feedtrail’s innovative solution has completely revolutionized our process, allowing our team the ability to engage patients directly at the point of care and gain actionable insights that are prescriptive instead of reactive to negative experiences.”

Jonathan Forte, FACHE, COO, Choptank Community Health System

About Choptank Community Health System

Choptank Community Health System, Inc. (CCHS), is a private, non-profit, Community Health Center providing access to affordable, comprehensive medical, dental and behavioral health care services in Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot Counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The mission of CCHS is to provide access to exceptional, comprehensive and integrated health care for all. All CCHS offices and program sites are accredited and certified as Primary Care Medical Homes by the Joint Commission. In 2019, CCHS provided care for over 29,900 patients throughout all six (6) health center locations, school-based wellness centers and migratory agricultural worker clinics. In October 2019, CCHS opened a new, comprehensive health and pediatric dental center located in Denton, Maryland. This year, CCHS celebrates 40 years of providing high quality, equitable health care to our community! Visit and “Come See How Healthy You Can Be.”

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