4 Resolutions for Healthcare Quality Managers in 2024


Paul Jaglowski
by Ryan Phillips, Customer Success 
January 10th

As we step into a new year, healthcare quality managers find themselves at the forefront of transforming patient experience. In the dynamic healthcare landscape, staying ahead requires a strategic approach. As a Patient Experience Expert at Feedtrail, I’m excited to present four essential resolutions for quality managers in 2024, focusing on reading and reacting to trends, managing external presence, prioritizing DEI, and embracing digital transformation.


1. Don’t Just Read, React to Your Trends:

In the era of dynamic patient expectations, resolution one emphasizes the need to move beyond mere data collection. Quality managers and patient experience managers must not just read, but actively react to emerging trends. See a question scoring below your goal? Have a service line that is underperforming? Identified a friction point being mentioned more often? Utilize advanced analytics and real-time feedback tools to stay ahead of patient sentiments by promptly addressing concerns and amplifying positive experiences. Acting on your data allows your organization to proactively shape patient perception and satisfaction.


2. Manage Your External Presence (Particularly on Google and Yelp):

A patient’s journey often starts online, making resolution two crucial for success. Managing your external presence, especially on platforms like Google and Yelp, is essential. Quality managers should ensure it’s easy for happy patients to leave reviews, oversee the organization’s reviews, respond to patient feedback, and actively engage in reputation management. A positive online presence not only attracts new patients, but also builds trust and credibility in the community. If your competitor has more reviews, and a higher star rating… who could blame a patient for choosing to go there for care.


3. S-T-A-Y with DEI:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) isn’t a passing trend; it’s a fundamental aspect of delivering patient-centered care. Healthcare, like all business, requires a deep knowledge of their customers. Recognize the unique needs of diverse patient populations, work to understand and remove barriers to patient access, ensure representation in staff, and implement culturally competent practices. Incorporating identifiers into your experience data and surveying patients and employees on their perceptions is essential to provide equitable care. By embracing DEI principles, healthcare organizations can foster an inclusive environment that resonates with all patients.


4. Embrace Digital Transformation:

Resolution four underscores the pivotal role of digital transformation in enhancing patient experience. From virtual appointments to user-friendly mobile apps, quality managers must lead the charge in adopting and integrating digital tools seamlessly. Collaborate with IT teams to ensure the technology aligns with patient needs while prioritizing privacy and security. For organizations still using labor-intensive paper surveys or lagging post-discharge outreach, now is the time to explore the benefits of digital surveys with real-time actionable feedback. The era of digital transformation is here, and healthcare organizations must evolve to meet patient expectations.


In conclusion, 2024 holds immense potential for healthcare organizations to redefine patient experience. By actively reacting to trends, managing online presence, prioritizing DEI, and embracing digital transformation, quality managers can spearhead positive change. Let’s make 2024 the year healthcare not only adapts but excels in delivering patient-centric, inclusive, and technologically advanced care. Feedtrail’s experience management platform can help you reach your goals this year with customizable real-time surveys, easy to digest advanced analytics, reputation management tools, and more. Talk to one of our experience experts and get your year off to the right start!


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About Ryan Phillips, Customer Success: Ryan Phillips is a member of the Feedtrail Customer Success team and based in Long Beach, California. Ryan’s background in management consulting allowed him to bring expertise in software deployment and professional services to Feedtrail as the company’s first employee. Since then, Ryan has played a pivotal role in implementing, supporting, and strategizing with customers both large and small. Ryan has also had in hand in facilitating the development of the Feedtrail XM Platform applications such as employee experience, flexible messaging, and rounding.