Improving Patient Experiences by Incorporating their Tribe

Ashley Worral
10th February

    Improving Patient Experiences by Incorporating their Tribe

    Partnering with Health Data Management (HDM), we recently recorded a short webinar with customers CHOC and North Memorial Healthcare where we discussed how they’re engaging the patient’s tribe, their family and caregivers, to improve their overall experience and care.

    Topics discussed include:

    Personalizing Patient and Family Member Outreach:The importance of customizing questions to different care settings or touchpoints in the patient and family journey to drive response rates and collect actionable insights

    Improving Clinician Morale:Impact of sharing positive patient and family member feedback with caregivers in real time to improve morale and reduce burnout

    Flexibility and Supplementing CAHPS:How to utilize a flexible patient and family engagement solution to understand the “Why” behind low CAHPS scores in generic domains such as Communication or Overall Satisfaction

    Watch HDM the Webinar Here>

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    Kathryn Burton, Manager Patient and Family Experience, CHOC (Children’s Health of Orange County)
    Kelsi Anderson, Manager Analytics and Customer Experience, North Memorial Health
    Paul Jaglowski, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Feedtrail