Expanding COVID-19 Vaccination Award (ECV) H8G Efforts with Feedtrail’s Patient Experience Platform

Ashley Worral
June 20th

Overview of HRSA’s Expanding COVID-19 Vaccination Award (ECV) H8G Funding


In December 2022, HRSA awarded one-time ECV funding (H8G) to Health Center Programs, FQHCs, and look-alikes that received American Rescue Plan (L2C). Health centers will use H8G funds to increase updated COVID-19 vaccinations among underserved populations, with an emphasis on activities around:

  • Outreach and education
  • Community engagement
  • Coordinated partner events 

 HRSA provides information on the activities and costs that are eligible for funding under the FY 2023 Expanding COVID-19 Vaccination (ECV) Supplemental Funding program. We’ve summarized the key activities below:

Vaccine Outreach and Education: Funding can be used to support efforts aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge about COVID-19 vaccines, including community outreach, educational campaigns, and the development of informational materials.

 Vaccine Administration: Award funds can cover costs associated with administering COVID-19 vaccines, such as vaccine distribution, storage, handling, and staffing, are allowable under the program.

 Vaccine Access and Equity: Activities focused on improving access to vaccines and addressing health disparities are eligible for funding. This includes initiatives targeting underserved populations, outreach to individuals with limited English proficiency, transportation assistance, and mobile vaccination clinics.

 Vaccine Confidence and Demand: Funding can be used to support strategies to build confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and increase demand. This may include conducting vaccine hesitancy assessments, implementing public awareness campaigns, and utilizing patient engagement technologies.

 Data Collection and Reporting: Costs related to data collection and reporting requirements for the program are allowable. This includes activities such as data management, reporting systems, and compliance with data privacy and security regulations.

 Training and Technical Assistance: Funding can be utilized for training and technical assistance to support the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination initiatives. This may involve workforce training, capacity building, and consultation services.

 Additional examples include:

  • Expanded access to updated COVID-19 vaccination at multiple locations, including renting space or temporary structures where vaccination-related activities are taking place
  • Informal opportunities for health center providers and staff to share information and respond to questions about vaccines
  • Working with community partners, including faith communities, that serve similar populations
  • Targeted outreach and education in multiple languages about updated COVID-19 vaccines
  • Addressing social and other barriers to COVID-19 vaccination access

For more detailed information and guidance regarding allowable activities and costs under the FY 2023 ECV Supplemental Funding program, visit HRSA’s FAQ page.

How Feedtrail’s Patient Experience Platform Can Support FQHCs with ECV (H8G) Activities:

Feedtrail, a leading provider of patient experience solutions, offers a highly flexible platform that can support these initiatives with a very light lift from your organization. Feedtrail’s platform is already leveraged by other Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the nation to support their patient experience, community outreach, and vaccination efforts. Let’s explore how the platform can help healthcare organizations increase access to, confidence in, and demand for COVID-19 vaccines. The XM patient experience platform allows healthcare providers to: 

  • Send real-time text and email messages to patients, providing them with crucial information about vaccination locations, resources, and events.
  • Share messages with vaccine resources and education through links to webpages or social media platforms
  • Survey patients and gain immediate actionable insights into vaccine hesitancy or barriers to access
  • Leverage feedback insights to develop and share relevant education, resources, or operational improvements
  • Communicate in multiple languages to cater to diverse populations
  • Implement quickly with minimal IT effort, leveraging best practices from the largest FQHC patient experience benchmark

Manage barriers to care in your community using the patient experience platform’s features such as sending vaccine appointment reminders, conducting missed appointment surveys, communicating resources like free transportation, and identifying optimal appointment times for the community. The platform can be implemented quickly and easily, allowing providers to start using it almost immediately.

By leveraging Feedtrail’s patient experience platform, healthcare organizations can streamline their COVID-19 vaccination initiatives and effectively address vaccine hesitancy and access barriers. The platform’s features enable personalized communication, valuable feedback, and the implementation of targeted strategies. With the support of Feedtrail, health centers and FQHCs can make significant strides in expanding COVID-19 vaccinations and ultimately contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

Let’s connect and collaborate to make a difference in our communities and protect public health.

By downloading Feedtrail’s playbook for ECV best practices, healthcare organizations can gain valuable insights into successful vaccination initiatives supported by the platform: 


Get the Expanding COVID-19 Vaccinations (ECV) Playbook:

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