HOLLIBLU and Feedtrail COVID-19 Nurse Survey has finger on the pulse of nursing professionals nationwide, as featured in NBC Nightly News with Stephanie Gosk

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
10th April

Results from a nationwide survey of 1,200 nurses from more than 400 hospitals give voice to the physical, mental, and emotional toll of the coronavirus pandemic. Preliminary analysis of the data underscores the healthcare industry’s lack of preparedness for a crisis of this magnitude, as well as its far-reaching impact on the nursing profession as a whole

A key finding is a potential for a massive nursing shortage in the aftermath of COVID-19.

  • 78% of nurses are experiencing unprecedented levels of physical, emotional, and mental stress
  • 62% said they are likely to leave their current position or specialty
  • 67%  said they are planning to leave their facility or LEAVE THE INDUSTRY altogether

Most importantly, nurses want the public to understand the gravity of the situation. “I need the public to understand that this is real,” said one respondent. “I am irate when I see posts about it being a conspiracy or not bad.”

And that nurses [and all patient-care professionals] are doing the best they can under these extreme conditions: “I need people to know that we are providing the best care possible given the lack of supplies, lack of staff, lack of space, etc

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For more insights, see the infographic below.

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management

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