Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Nikki Angeli


Ashley Worrall
by Ashley Worrall
February 2nd

Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Nikki Angeli MHA, BSN, RN, CPHQ, CPXP

Nikki is a Patient Experience Strategist at Feedtrail. She is a seasoned ICU nurse turned dynamic healthcare consultant, with over a decade of diverse experience across various patient care settings, fostering a profound understanding of healthcare intricacies. Holding national certifications in Patient Experience and Healthcare Quality, their commitment remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of care. As a dedicated lifelong learner, her passion for continuous improvement and innovative approaches aligns seamlessly with a focus on streamlining healthcare processes for optimal efficiency. Bridging the realms of expertise and innovation, her mission is to contribute significantly to the healthcare landscape, ensuring unparalleled patient care.


Share a fun fact about yourself:

I have traveled to Scotland for the sole purpose of whitewater kayaking.


What got you into the patient experience space: 

After years of striving to improve patient satisfaction scores and leading unsuccessful improvement projects, it became clear that depending on delayed patient feedback indicators was not an effective approach. My introduction to the world of Feedtrail was a revelation. Its real-time responses, capacity to ask targeted questions to specific groups, and the ability to display follow-up questions only when needed showcased a new and powerful way to gather insights. Witnessing the abundance of actionable information, I haven’t turned away from it since!


What is your favorite part of partnering with clients on patient and employee experience:

Getting to be a part of the “ah ha” moment when someone stumbles upon something in their data that they didn’t know existed before.


What is a key challenge healthcare organizations face in optimizing patient experiences:

Balancing multiple priorities can make it challenging to dedicate time to analyze data and pinpoint where to start to improve the patient experience. Allocating resources based solely on anecdotal evidence without comprehensive data analysis can result in wasted resources that may not significantly impact the overall patient experience.



Ebook – Engaging Your Patients: Pre, During, and Post Encounter