A Day in the Life: Healthcare Service Recovery through Patient Engagement Surveying

Ashley Worral
by Nikki Angeli MHA, BSN, RN, CPHQ, CPXP and Mallory Magelli McKeown
February 1st
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, providing exceptional patient experiences has become a top priority for providers worldwide. Last week, we had the pleasure of getting into the heart of a large multi-specialty clinic system that is, not only embracing this challenge, but surpassing expectations through the innovative use of Feedtrail’s real-time patient engagement tool.

This growing healthcare institution is making waves in the industry for its commitment to patient-centric care. Utilizing Feedtrail’s patient experience management platform, the leaders and their team are not only assessing patient satisfaction, but leveraging the gathered insights for real-time service recovery, solidifying their commitment to continuous improvement, strengthening patient trust, and establishing a foundation for delivering superior, patient-focused healthcare experiences.

One of the things that makes this organization different is how they prioritize real-time feedback with a survey that opens the line of communication just five minutes after a patient checks-in. They do this in hopes of resolving any concerns a patient may have before they even leave the facility. Whether addressing billing discrepancies or attending to medical concerns, their responsiveness ensures a seamless and positive patient experience.

It is clear that behind every healthcare service recovery success is a well-trained and empathetic team member. In our short time walking through the facilities, we had the privilege of talking with frontline staff, nurses, and administrators who shared a couple of their experiences. One nursing leader derived an insightful quality improvement, proposing to offer snacks or drinks to patients during instances of provider delays.  This decision was reached through a compilation of reviews and having meaningful discussions with patients on methods to enhance perceived wait times. Another team member told us how they discovered patients became confused when they were going from their exam room to get labs or imaging done.  They were currently trialing a method to reduce confusion and tracking their patient engagement surveys to see if their change was a success.

It was remarkable to see how real-time surveys made action both easy and immediate. Equipping staff with the skills to handle difficult situations ensures that patients not only receive prompt resolution, but also experience compassionate and understanding care throughout the process.

The beauty of this system of service recovery lies in its ability to turn a potentially negative experience into an opportunity for improvement. It’s not just about addressing issues; it’s about learning from them and continuously enhancing our services.

Our visit with this organization was not just a testament to the power of real-time service recovery, but a profound demonstration of their commitment to excellence in patient care. This team has leveraged Feedtrail in a way that elevates service-recovery to a daily workflow that puts patients first. Feedback from patients is woven into the fabric of this organization’s culture and drives real change. Learn how we can support your patient experience improvement goals by talking with one of our experts.


About Nikki Angeli MHA, BSN, RN, CPHQ, CPXP, Patient Experience Strategist:

Nikki Angeli MHA, BSN, RN, CPHQ, CPXP is a seasoned ICU nurse turned dynamic healthcare consultant, with over a decade of diverse experience across various patient care settings, fostering a profound understanding of healthcare intricacies. Holding national certifications in Patient Experience and Healthcare Quality, their commitment remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of care. As a dedicated lifelong learner, her passion for continuous improvement and innovative approaches aligns seamlessly with a focus on streamlining healthcare processes for optimal efficiency. Bridging the realms of expertise and innovation, her mission is to contribute significantly to the healthcare landscape, ensuring unparalleled patient care.

About Mallory Magelli McKeown, Customer Success:

Meet Mallory Magelli McKeown, a healthcare professional dedicated to improving the patient experience. With a background in roles like chaplain and family advocate, Mallory’s mission is simplifying healthcare for patients and families. From advisory councils to patient advocacy, she amplifies the patient’s voice. At Feedtrail, she redefines the patient-provider relationship, asking vital questions to guide healthcare leaders toward patient-centered changes. Her goal: revolutionizing healthcare by putting patients’ needs first.