Energizing Employees on the Frontlines of Vaccine Distribution

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
by Ashley Worrall
6th April

The saying goes “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” Healthcare workers have spent the last year going above and beyond to manage the pandemic and support their communities. Overextending month after month, many are now at a point where they lack energy and motivation. Energizing employees on the frontlines has become paramount. As an organization, how are you addressing the causes of employee burnout and working to “refill the cups” of your staff?


Energizing employees on the frontlines of vaccine distribution


Employees Managing Vaccine Distribution Face Many Obstacles:


Provider Shortages: Feedtrail surveys are showing up to 50% of employees at many organizations are unwilling to get the vaccine. As organizations work to understand hesitancy and address concerns to increase vaccination rates, vaccinated providers must take on additional hours. Pop-up clinics and community vaccine events are also adding to the need for additional vaccinated and trained staff.


Operationalizing Help: Waiting in the wings to help with vaccine distribution are many willing participants, such as dentists and therapists certified to give shots. Operational confusion can make it hard to tag them in. Creating processes to understand which sites need the most help and efficiently direct resources to those sites will help support current staff.


Lack of Bandwidth: Constantly changing vaccine processes are taxing every part of the organization operationally. Any new solutions meant to help must be pre-built and proven, as staff has little time to vet and implement procedures.


Mental Exhaustion: Employees have faced months of uncertainty, long hours, and stress. Additionally, leadership is working overtime to organize all the moving parts of vaccine distribution. Establishing feedback loops to hear concerns and share updates helps employees feel heard.


Surveying employees is an easy way to recognize and addresses causes of burnout. Consistently sharing uplifting patient feedback also helps employees hear the positive impact they’re having. Feedtrail will help you build a Vaccine Team Care Initiative to keep your staff energized and empowered.


Get the four components of a successful Vaccine Team Care Initiative in our “Vaccine Distribution XM Playbook”:




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