Quest for the Holy Grail: Achieving Actionable Customer Feedback in the heat of the moment.

Tell Us How You Really Feel: The Self-Aware Millennial

15th of March 2017

Ok everyone, newsflash: we millennials are finally leaving our parents’ basements in search of less-musty air and fast-casual dining experiences that leave our stomachs as well as our souls equally satiated...

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Don't Just Collect Feedback, Act on It

2nd of February 2017

Companies are complex. They have countless moving parts and hundreds, if not thousands, of critical customer interactions daily. But how often is an entire business on the same page about each of these interactions? Unfortunately, not often enough...

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Capturing Real-Time Customer Feedback, The Key To Customer Loyalty

16th of January 2017

When was the last time you were engaged with a business and wanted to provide feedback right there in the moment? Don’t answer that...

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