Study Reveals that 90% of Nurses have Taken the COVID Vaccine, with 82% Willing to Advocate for the Vaccine

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
by Ashley Worrall
21st April

Feedtrail and HOLLIBLU 3rd Nationwide Nurse Survey

Feedtrail, in partnership with HOLLIBLU, releases final results from nationwide survey of nurses, to understand Covid-19 vaccine communication and acceptance.

RALEIGH, NC (April 21, 2021) — Feedtrail, a leading experience management company, in partnership with HOLLIBLU, an exclusive community and technology for nurses, announces the results of a new nationwide survey of nurses, giving a glimpse into how communication and engagement impacted vaccine perceptions. Despite reports showing 4 in 10 healthcare workers have not been vaccinated, 90% of surveyed nurses received the vaccine, putting this group above the national average.

Using the text outreach and surveying capabilities of the Feedtrail Experience Management (XM) platform, Feedtrail connected with HOLLIBLU’s community of nurses to understand their perceptions of the vaccine and the accompanying communication.

Key data points included:

  • 82% of surveyed nurses were willing to advocate for the vaccine. The top areas contributing to vaccine hesitancy were questions around long term side effects, accountability of vaccine makers, allergies, pregnancy, and rushed research.
  • 53% of the nurses reported their organization used two-way communicationgiving them the chance to provide feedback and ask questions, revealing an opportunity for more organizations to build trust with open dialogue.
  • About half of the nurses stated their organization surveyed employees and patients to understand vaccine sentiment, a process that provides valuable insights to build out operations, engage the community, and develop education

“Organizations can learn so much from their patients and employees when they reach out for feedback. The survey findings clearly show that engagement is still a big opportunity for many organizations,” said Paul Jaglowski, co-founder and CEO, Feedtrail. “At Feedtrail we want to help everyone feel heard and partner with organizations to create personalized, positive experiences.”

Many organizations are looking to Feedtrail’s XM platform to engage around vaccine efforts. Feedtrail customers who assessed employee willingness to receive the vaccine found that understanding the “why” behind “no” allowed them to break down barriers and educate staff, drastically improving employee vaccine numbers. Novant Health surveys patients post-vaccine appointment, allowing them to share praise with employees and make simple adjustments such as improved signage for a better experience. Feedtrail’s flexible platform allows organizations to easily collect initiative, provider, or department-specific feedback, and analyze results in real-time. This data lets organizations address time-sensitive needs, determine the best allocation of resources, and create loyal patients and employees.

“Trust building with clear communication is essential to empower nurse professionals so they can serve as patient advocates. Leadership must make an effort to listen to nurses, tailor education, and show how they’re incorporating their feedback,” said HOLLIBLU founder, Cara Lunsford, former pediatric oncology nurse. “People look to nurses as trusted frontline advocates, and to serve that role they need the opportunity to ask questions and align expectations.”

For more insights and data, access the infographic online.

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