Feedtrail Expands Support for Healthcare Provider Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts, Appoints Toni Land MBA, BSN as Preferred Advisory Services

Feedtrail Expands Support for Healthcare Provider Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts, Appoints Toni Land MBA, BSN as Preferred Advisory Services


Feedtrail’s experience management platform will integrate with Land’s consultative services to offer a comprehensive package for improving care to underserved populations


Raleigh, North Carolina (July 26, 2023) ‒ Feedtrail, the healthcare industry’s leading experience management technology company, has partnered with Landing Exceptional Experiences, Chief Experience Officer, Toni Land, MBA, BSN as leader of advisory services. Land, a certified patient experience professional, is a seasoned executive who has held leadership positions at hospitals and community health centers.

This partnership is an organizational expansion for the company, which will begin integrating best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion and ongoing consultative services with the Feedtrail XM Platform. Land will create a roadmap to help providers meet a set of inclusivity standards, using her expertise to optimize communication with patients and families, tailoring care to populations with unmet or overlooked needs.

Land, who has held top patient experience positions at multiple health systems and is a long-time healthcare educator and consultant, is the founder of her own experience management practice, Landing Exceptional Experiences. Throughout this experience and her time as a practicing nurse in a variety of settings, including pediatrics and home care, she has studied the limitations of delivering care to both rural and urban settings, often embedding herself in the communities she serves.

“It’s been proven that diversity, equity and inclusion is good business, especially in healthcare,” said Land. “I have seen firsthand the obstacles faced by communities of color – from transportation to internet connectivity – and the more we study, survey, and tailor services to the people who need it most, the better individual health outcomes will be. Providers should be making investments with direct connections to patient experience, inclusivity and health outcomes, and Feedtrail is often the first point of contact with patients. That’s why I’m excited to partner with this team and its mission.”

Personalizing real-time patient surveys and messages delivered at key moments allows providers to better understand patients’ needs or barriers to care to make improvements that impact care compliance, access, and effective communication. In addition to sending hyper-personalized surveys, the Feedtrail platform can tailor educational outreach to their diverse patient populations to make them aware of available resources, improve their adoption of services being offered, and ultimately improve their access to equitable care. The advanced analytics in Feedtrail’s patient experience platform allow providers to drill down into their experience data leveraging patient identifiers to truly understand who they’re reaching, who is or isn’t engaging, and how to adjust efforts to better serve their patient populations.

“We’re looking forward to adding this key service line into our business model, as more providers approach us for solutions to the gaps in care that prevent diverse populations from seeking the care they need,” said Feedtrail Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Alexander. “For far too long the industry has fallen short in serving our most vulnerable patients, but it’s our goal to develop better processes and protocols for holistic, unobstructed care delivery.”

Last year, Deloitte estimated that health inequities account for approximately $320 billion in annual healthcare spending, with several ‘high-cost’ diseases like diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease compromising the effectiveness of care. Lack of access and social determinants of health can lead to long-term financial burdens on both patients and providers, when disease and symptoms remain untreated or managed.

“Organizations are still challenged with actually bringing the voice of the underserved to the table. And if we are designing and delivering experiences for those that we serve, but we don’t have the voices of the underserved, then we’re designing and delivering for the majority, not necessarily the minority,” Land added. “People have to be creative and think outside the box around how we actually accomplish that. We need to truly build relationships and trust with these communities, and the unique flexibility of Feedtrail’s solution can enable us to do that.”


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