Patient Experience Trends: Key Findings from The Beryl Institute PX Pulse Report

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By Ryan Phillips, Customer Success
June 26th

The Beryl Institute, in collaboration with Ipsos, has released its latest PX Pulse report for June 2024, providing a detailed exploration of consumer perspectives on patient experience in the United States. As the 15th release in this ongoing series, the report continues to shed light on critical trends and areas for improvement in the healthcare industry. The findings offer a snapshot of current consumer attitudes and expectations in healthcare, focusing on quality of care, patient interactions, and the emerging role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

This blog walks through the key findings, implications for healthcare providers, and how Feedtrail can help.


Key Findings

Perception of Healthcare Quality and Experience

One of the primary takeaways from the report is the stagnant perception of healthcare quality. Only 40% of respondents rated the quality of healthcare as “Very Good” or “Good,” a figure that has remained unchanged over the past three quarters. Similarly, the overall patient experience has held steady at 62%, down from previous years. These numbers highlight a critical need for healthcare providers to intensify efforts in enhancing both the quality of care and patient experiences.


Cost and Access to Care

Cost remains a dominant concern for U.S. consumers. The report identifies insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs as the top healthcare issues. Additionally, the quality of care provided by hospitals and access to quality hospitals are significant factors for patients. This underscores the ongoing financial challenges faced by consumers in the healthcare system.


Communication and Respect

Effective communication and respect are paramount to a positive patient experience. Patients desire clear communication, to be listened to, and to have their pain and concerns taken seriously. These relational aspects of care are essential in building trust and satisfaction among patients.


Process Efficiency

Efficient healthcare processes, such as timely scheduling, clear billing, and comprehensive discharge plans, are crucial for a positive patient experience. The report emphasizes the importance of these logistical elements, which significantly impact patient perceptions and satisfaction.


Environmental Factors

A clean, comfortable, and easily navigable healthcare environment is vital for patient satisfaction. Patients highly value these environmental aspects, which can greatly influence their overall experience in healthcare facilities.


The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The report also delves into the growing use of AI in healthcare. While AI usage is on the rise, trust in AI remains relatively low among consumers. Only 37% of respondents reported using AI, with just 10% utilizing it for healthcare purposes. Trust levels are moderate, with most people only somewhat trusting AI’s capabilities. This highlights the need for healthcare providers to build confidence and trust in AI applications.


Implications for Healthcare Providers


The PX Pulse report provides valuable insights that healthcare providers can use to enhance patient experiences:

Focus on Quality and Experience:

Continuous improvement in care quality and patient interactions is essential to meet patient expectations.

How Feedtrail Can Help: Feedtrail’s real-time patient feedback platform allows healthcare providers to swiftly identify and address areas of concern, thereby improving patient experience and perceived quality of care.

Address Financial Concerns:

Developing strategies to alleviate financial burdens can significantly improve patient satisfaction.

How Feedtrail Can Help: By leveraging Feedtrail’s patient experience platform, healthcare organizations can gather detailed feedback on financial pain points and implement strategies to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction.

Enhance Communication:

Clear, empathetic communication and respecting patient needs are critical components of positive patient experiences.

How Feedtrail Can Help: Feedtrail enables healthcare providers to gather and act on patient feedback about communication and care interactions in real-time, ensuring that patients feel heard and respected.

Optimize Processes:

Streamlining scheduling, billing, and discharge processes can lead to more efficient and satisfactory patient care.

How Feedtrail Can Help: Providers can continuously monitor and refine these processes based on patient feedback, leading to smoother, more patient-friendly operations.

Improve Environmental Conditions:

Maintaining a clean and comfortable environment is crucial for positive patient perceptions.

How Feedtrail Can Help: Feedtrail’s feedback tools can help healthcare facilities gather real-time insights on environmental factors, allowing for immediate improvements that enhance the patient experience.

Build Trust in AI:

Educating patients about AI and its benefits can help build trust and improve its adoption in healthcare.

How Feedtrail Can Help: By incorporating AI-driven analytics within its feedback platform, Feedtrail helps healthcare providers better understand patient concerns and improve the trustworthiness and effectiveness of AI applications in healthcare.




The June 2024 PX Pulse highlights the ongoing challenges and opportunities in the U.S. healthcare system. By focusing on the core aspects of patient experience—quality of care, communication, process efficiency, environmental factors, and the integration of AI—healthcare providers can better meet the evolving needs and expectations of their patients. These insights offer a roadmap for healthcare organizations striving to enhance patient satisfaction and deliver exceptional care.

 Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we continue to explore the evolving landscape of patient experience in healthcare. For more detailed findings, you can visit The Beryl Institute’s website and follow their latest research and publications.


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