Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Ryan Phillips


Ashley Worrall
by Ashley Worrall
January 29th

Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Ryan Phillips

Ryan is a member of the Feedtrail Customer Success team and based in Long Beach, California. Ryan’s background in management consulting allowed him to bring expertise in software deployment and professional services to Feedtrail as the company’s first employee. Since then, Ryan has played a pivotal role in implementing, supporting, and strategizing with customers both large and small. Ryan has also had in hand in facilitating the development of the Feedtrail XM Platform applications such as employee experience, flexible messaging, and rounding.


Share a fun fact about yourself:

I’m the youngest of 5 siblings and there are 22 years between me and the oldest!


What’s a book that inspired you personally and professionally and how has it helped shaped your mindset?

The book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie changed my life as a high schooler. I have always been a people person, but that book made it clear to me how important it was to speak to people in a way that resonated with them as individuals and use everyone’s favorite word – their own name!


What is your favorite part of partnering with clients on improving the patient and employee experience?

The collaboration – I love being a part of both the Feedtrail team and the client’s team. Helping clients leverage our platform to identify how they can dig deeper into their existing data, working with our contacts to build out secondary and tertiary questions, and helping them share these results internally so the organization can take action makes it all worth it.


Share a moment in your career when you felt particularly inspired by the impact of positive patient experiences?

The Feedtrail platform has an awesome ability to allow patients to ‘request a response to a concern’ when filling out a survey. I see this in feedback all the time where a patient can get answers to questions regarding their medication, seeing a different provider going forward, or just getting another appointment scheduled. However, we had one instance where a patient used this feature to alert her care team of a domestic issues she was experiencing at home, and our client was able to alert the authorities, find the patient a safe space, and help the patient begin a new chapter in their life.



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