Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Mallory Magelli McKeown


Ashley Worrall
by Ashley Worrall
March 6th

Meet the Patient Experience Expert: Mallory Magelli McKeown

Mallory is a healthcare professional dedicated to improving the patient experience. With a background in roles like chaplain and family advocate, Mallory’s mission is simplifying healthcare for patients and families. From advisory councils to patient advocacy, she amplifies the patient’s voice. At Feedtrail, she redefines the patient-provider relationship, asking vital questions to guide healthcare leaders toward patient-centered changes. Her goal: revolutionizing healthcare by putting patients’ needs first.


Share a fun fact about yourself.

I am a compulsive audiobook listener (and I listen at 1.5x speed). I read/listen to 60+ books a year! As a bonus fact, as a chaplain I got to officiate a wedding in the hospital for a patient’s parents and he was the “bouquet” she carried down the aisle- you can see the pictures here:


What inspired you to work in the patient experience space?

Growing up, I had several friends and family members who experienced chronic illnesses that brought me to the bedside frequently and inspired my work as a hospital chaplain. During my time as a chaplain, I became passionate about patient experience as a whole and thinking more broadly about how patients and families engage with larger healthcare system.


What is your favorite part of partnering with clients on patient and employee experience?

I love to see how a client takes feedback and either 1) uses it to inspire and lift up their teams providing care or 2) make authentic changes in direct response to patient need. I also love unique use cases that allow for creativity and add some fun.


What do you find most rewarding about working closely with healthcare clients?

It is refreshing and inspiriting to see how our clients work to authentically make healthcare more accessible for all people and want to hear how they can better improve their processes. Their passion for making their organizations what their patients need gives me hope and propels my work.



Ebook – Engaging Your Patients: Pre, During, and Post Encounter