Join Feedtrail at ELEVATE PX 2023

Ashley Worral
March 2nd

Join Feedtrail at The Beryl Institute ELEVATE PX 2023 global patient experience event taking place March 27 – 29, 2023, in Dallas, TX

The Beryl Institute Elevate PX

Ready for a different experience platform?

Stop by our booth and learn more: Today’s challenges won’t be solved by yesterday’s experience solutions. Visit the Feedtrail booth at ELEVATE PX 2023 and learn how you can benefit from real-time surveying with immediate actionable insights.

  • Build patient loyalty
  • Understand the why behind scores
  • Reduce clinician burnout and turnover
  • Optimize your business

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Learn how CHOC leverages actionable insights to improve patient and family experiences.

Join our Lunch and Learn session Tuesday, March 28th at 12:15 pm: “Reinventing the Patient Experience to Drive Loyalty – Personalizing Patient & Family Engagement Throughout the Healthcare Journey”

As organizations work to truly optimize and reinvent patient experiences, integrating both the patient and family voice across the continuum of care is essential. In this session we’ll walk through how Children’s Health of Orange County (CHOC) identified gaps in their understanding of patient and family experiences and implemented programs to personalize outreach, improve engagement, and capture detailed stories, quickly validating improvements and changes with quantitative and qualitative data.

Kat Burton, Patient and Family Experience Manager at CHOC, will share how they started small in three service lines where they lacked visibility- the NICU, ED, and hospitalists- and were able to show value and engage physicians to drive adoption and gain buy-in for an enterprise implementation. She will talk through how personalized real-time outreach boosted response volumes, improved access to actionable data, and dramatically improved their Net Promoter Scores.

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