Survey Best Practices: Vaccine Distribution

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
by Ashley Worrall
15th March

Vaccine distribution has many moving parts and processes are constantly changing as supply and eligibility shift. As organizations work to get vaccine centers running like well-oiled machines, incorporating patient feedback is vital. Understanding what’s going well, what’s causing confusion, and what can be improved helps you refine procedures and bring positive feedback to your busy team.


To help you gather effective, actionable feedback and improve the patient experience, we’ve compiled some survey best practices.





Patients want to be heard… without being inconvenienced.

  • Determine the ideal way to get surveys to your patients. Depending on the setting and goal you can use flyers with QR codes, tablets in shared spaces, or text patients directly.
  • Send patients survey texts immediately post-visit so their experience is fresh, and you get the most useful information.



Tailor questions to inform your current initiative and goals.

  • When you change your processes, don’t forget to update your survey questions as well so you’re getting relevant feedback.
  • Experiment to find the ideal questions and survey length, eliminating questions that don’t add value. For vaccine distribution centers you may want a quick survey that just asks for an overall rating and free text for feedback.



Beyond ratings, surveys can help you capture stories.

  • Include free text for feedback in your surveys so patients can share their experience in their own words..
  • Post-survey redirect patients to a review site so they can share their experience with others.



Don’t forget about employees, they can benefit from proactive outreach.

  • Establish a feedback loop to share positive patient stories with staff. After a difficult year managing the pandemic, hearing stories of thanks and encouragement is uplifting.
  • Create “pulse check” surveys for employees to identify potential burnout and stressors.


For more best practices, download the “Vaccine Distribution XM Playbook” and tackle five key focus areas to get feedback, make improvements, and energize staff:




Survey Best Practices: Vaccine Distribution

Organizations of different sizes share their best practices around five key vaccine distribution focus areas.


Feedtrail can help you improve implement best practice surveys and engage in real-time dialogue to quickly address new and existing challenges.