Physicians Practice: The profound impact of patient experience on healthcare’s bottom line 

Deb Woods
by Deb Woods, Chief Operating Officer
July 13th

Physicians Practice Article:

The profound impact of patient experience on healthcare’s bottom line 

In a recent Physicians Practice article Deb Woods, Feedtrail Chief Operating Officer, shares the profound impact patient experience has on healthcare providers’ bottom line and its pivotal role in shaping their success. She explores five key business areas impacted by patient experience: 


“In today’s healthcare landscape, the patient experience has emerged as a critical factor that significantly influences the financial success of healthcare organizations. Gone are the days when quality care alone sufficed. Patients are becoming increasingly savvy consumers and seek exceptional experiences that provide personalized attention, compassionate care, and seamless interactions. Patient experience has a profound impact on the bottom line of healthcare providers and plays a pivotal role in shaping their success. 

Positive patient experiences foster loyalty, resulting in increased patient retention and referrals made to family members, neighbors, and friends. Satisfied patients are more likely to return for future medical needs, as well as post favorable comments and ratings online. These factors contribute directly to the revenue generation of healthcare organizations…” 

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