Reimagining Healthcare: Enhance Your Patient Experience with Automated Communication

Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
13th November

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. November 11, 2020. Feedtrail’s Reimagining Healthcare series continues with a new webinar. Healthcare leaders from Relatient and ClarusCare joined Feedtrail’s CEO Paul Jaglowski to discuss the latest cutting-edge technology that can transform your practice’s patient experience by automating key communication touchpoints.

  •  How modern practices get feedback from their patients
  •  How to address patient concerns in real-time
  •  What patients are really looking for in automated reminders

The panelists for this webinar included: Paul Jaglowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Feedtrail; Dick Nord, CEO of ClarusCare; and Trevor Brown, VP of Business Development at Relatient. The webinar was hosted by Dreu Adams of Graham Healthcare Group. 

The discussion focused on how innovative organizations across all industries – not just healthcare – have begun automating and personalizing many of their points of communication with their customers and their employees, and how this is helping to build their customer loyalty and bring in referrals. 

  •  How staff happiness translates to patient satisfaction
  •  The costs and benefits of call management automation

Your patients are your customers. And they have come to expect the same level of automation and personal touch from their healthcare providers that they receive from other vendors. More and more practices and care providers are using technology to their advantage to make this happen. There’s no reason your practice can’t be doing the same thing to boost patient satisfaction and drive retention throughout the changing tides of healthcare. 

To watch the entire webinar, please click here.


About the Participants

About Feedtrail: Feedtrail’s experience management platform automates the collection and analysis of in-the-moment feedback data and facilitates fast, efficient service recovery, helping healthcare organizations enhance patient care, improve employee retention, increase revenue, and prevent patient churn.

About Relatient: Relatient’s patient engagement platform integrates with over 85 practice management systems and electronic health databases to drive operational efficiency, appointments and reviews, reduce no-shows, speed patient payments and improve patient satisfaction, all while supporting health and care quality initiatives.

About ClarusCare: ClarusCare’s call management platform that replaces traditional medical answering services. Adopted by thousands of providers across the country, Founded in 2014, ClarusCare provides real-time on-call scheduling, error-free call routing, reliable documentation, while reducing costs.