Real time feedback to improve Patient experience

Sheltering Arms partners with Feedtrail to enhance patient experience

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By Gert Volmer

MECHANICSVILLE, V.A., March 20, 2019 – Already the premier physical therapy provider in the state of Virginia, Sheltering Arms, has proven its commitment to prioritizing a personalized patient experience to accompany rapid expansion.

In a departure from traditional post-experience pen and paper surveys, Feedtrail enables Sheltering Arms to engage with patients in real time via cell phone or tablet to learn specific details about their interactions with individual physicians, therapists, and patient-facing personnel. Sheltering Arms can now distill the most crucial and time-sensitive insights related to every patient-provider interaction, which is paramount for providing a satisfying patient experience.

“Regardless of how rapidly we expand and grow as an organization, our priority will always be to keep our patients first,” said Sheltering Arms’ CEO, Mary Zweifel. “Our partnership with Feedtrail is a direct example of our investment in ensuring a world-class patient experience every time.”

Sheltering Arms deployed Feedtrail’s real-time patient engagement platform at its Reynold Center location in March 2018 as a three-month pilot, with the goal of increasing their understanding of specific patient sentiment surrounding their care experience. Upon roll-out, Feedtrail’s platform enabled staff to detect emotional comment-based patient feedback and respond to patients in real time. The platform also enables managers to share all compliments with location leaders and patient-facing staff, to ensure that providers of care feel valued.

Based on the success of the pilot, Sheltering Arms has expanded the Feedtrail platform to their outpatient services system-wide, which enables them to monitor patient sentiment and ensure quality experiences across all locations.

“Since day one, Sheltering Arms has been the epitome of an innovative healthcare organization truly committed to prioritizing their patient experience. This partnership is more than just improving results at Sheltering Arms, it’s about showing how one organization can pave the way to putting patients at the center of care across the state of Virginia,” explains Feedtrail’s CEO, Paul Jaglowski.

About Feedtrail

Feedtrail is a real-time feedback platform built to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. Feedtrail automates the collection of in-the-moment feedback, analysis of the data, and service recovery, helping healthcare organizations improve patient care, enhance employee retention, increase revenue, and prevent patient churn. More information is available at,  or follow Feedtrail on LinkedIn

About Sheltering Arms

Sheltering Arms helps patients find the Power to Overcome the obstacles of illness and injury with a complete range of physical rehabilitation and wellness services. To learn more about Sheltering Arms’ two hospitals (in Mechanicsville and Midlothian) and ten outpatient clinics, visit, call 1-877-56-REHAB, or connect with Sheltering Arms on Facebook  or Twitter.