Feedtrail is a customer-centric bridge between provider and customer that allows customers to share candidly about what matters most to them. The service helps you hear from your customers when their expectations are highest and their satisfaction is most sensitive/critical… DURING their experience.

We believe that any solution is best explained through an example. Below is an example of an actual Feedtrail implementation for a grocery store chain. Feedtrail helped the regional supermarket chain identify what truly impacted customer retention by helping them engage with their shoppers when it mattered most, during the shopping experience.


A regional supermarket wanted to deploy a nondisruptive feedback tool that allowed shoppers to share their opinions during their time in the store, while ensuring a seamless shopping experience. They had previously tried a variety of solutions, but none met their need.


Feedtrail provided a department-specific, in-store feedback solution along with marketing consulting to help the supermarket design solicitation flyers that fit its unique branding efforts. Feedtrail’s team helped develop appropriate messaging for the demographic and in-store marketing material that encouraged customers to share feedback throughout their time in the store.


After the first month, the chain received 3x more feedback than from previous survey tools over the same period of time. Management received text-rich, detailed feedback from specific departments that helped them pinpoint where to make improvements in these underperforming stores.

The supermarket had several different solutions in place to collect data on the various parts of each shopper’s experience. But, having a solution that collected feedback from shoppers during their shopping experience offered a new opportunity.

Before beginning, the supermarket’s team had several requests: apart from having a user-friendly and completely mobile-enabled front end, it was imperative that the solution offer a non-disruptive way for shoppers to share feedback during their time in the store. They wanted the best of both worlds – for the shoppers’ experience to remain seamless plus a way for their staff to address shoppers concerns in real time.

The supermarket deployed Feedtrail’s RealFeelFeedack™ solution and implemented the platform in tiers; they wanted to first see comparisons between their best and worst performing locations. So, Feedtrail consulted their marketing team on the design and placement of in-store marketing material to ensure an optimal feedback rate could be achieved.

After in-store solicitation messages were designed and deemed appropriate for the supermarket’s brand, the client placed the callouts in high traffic areas such as the deli, at checkout counters, and at the store exits. These call-outs were placed in the direct eyesight of shoppers but did not intrude with product displays and aisle ways.

By letting shoppers know their feedback was desired throughout their shopping experience, and making it easy for shoppers to access the feedback form without a lengthy access code, it led to much higher response rates and the provision of genuine, actionable feedback to managers and HQ personnel.

Bonus: although intended to be used for addressing customer concerns, the Feedtrail platform proved to be a great way for the supermarket to collect emails and thus “followup” with existing customers to remind them of sale and promotional events, neighborhood gettogethers and fundraisers, and even introduce customers to their loyalty program.

Quotes from our customer:

We wanted to preserve our unique in-store experience and overall brand equity but wanted a way to get highly emotional customer feedback before customers even left the store. Basically, we wanted them to give feedback without even realizing they were doing it."

We saw highly correlational data between same store sales increasing and the deployment of the non-disruptive feedback solution that staff had real time access to. Our staff was handling customer concerns before they walked out the door."


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