Best-in-class Analytics

Customizable Dashboards in Real Time

Feedtrail’s analytics dashboard was built to give businesses and brands the best of all worlds: To provide location-level staff with timely and appropriate insights so that they can respond to patient concerns in real time, and to provide leadership teams with in-depth reporting capabilities to learn about the intricacies of the patient experience and identify specific opportunities for improvement.

24/7 data access for constant pulse monitoring

Review feedback data the second it is received, not days or weeks later. Feedtrail helps you understand what is most pressing through the eyes of your patients.

Multi-layered reporting

The right person can now extract strategic and operational insights when it matters, where it matters. Compare any location, employee, or department across your footprint over any period of time.

Customizable dashboards

The name of the game is keeping you flexible and informed. Feedtrail’s dashboard lets you customize what you see and how you see it so that you are kept appraised of the issues most pressing to you and your team.

Reporting and Trend Monitoring

The platform automatically compiles reports and monitors trends. You shouldn’t have to spend hours creating esoteric reports on excel – let Feedtrail do the work for you!


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