How can patient experience transform your FQHC?
Feedtrail - Healthcare Experience Management
3rd April

Exceptional patient experience is critical to every type of healthcare organization.  For Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and community health centers (CHCs), a solid patient experience strategy is especially important due to their very specific organizational needs such as HRSA grant requirements, geographical concerns, or needs specific to the community they serve. Whatever they are, these needs inform and guide the mission of the organization and are an integral part of patient experience initiatives tied to business outcomes such as quality improvement, service recovery, revenue retention, and reputation management.

FQHCs can leverage real-time patient experience technology to help accomplish their mission of care. For example, cutting-edge tactics in utilizing feedback from patients, addressing patient concerns in real time, and understanding the correlation between staff satisfaction and patient experience can all drive improvement and transform an organization’s culture.

Embracing experience initiatives often means fare more than focusing on legacy surveys. Happier nurses, physicians, and other providers are going to contribute to better patient care, stronger patient relationships, and improved patient experience. By engaging in real time and managing the experience of providers and other employees via pulse surveying, 360° feedback, or annual reviews, healthcare organizations can use employee feedback to strengthen the “human connection” with their staff. These efforts will also improve an organization’s culture, and allow providers to better serve their patients’ needs.

Collecting patient feedback is a core responsibility of every healthcare organization. Improvement doesn’t mean getting more data, although when sending quick real-time text-based surveys response rates drastically improve, it means getting better data that is actionable. Organizations need an understanding of each patient’s unique healthcare journey as it unfolds. This means engaging in personalized ways with patients at important moments in their care journey. Again, the concept of real-time feedback comes into play – meaning capturing in-the-moment insights through human interaction and about human interactions. This will ultimately lead to better levels of connection and communication between an organization and its patients.   Eventually, this will all lead to better patient outcomes.

Focusing on learning from patients and putting that feedback into action also results in higher levels of patient loyalty and retention, more referrals, better online reviews, and an increase in your Net Promoter Score (NPS) or “likelihood to recommend.” Learning in the moment also also allows for immediate service recovery opportunities so you’re fixing experiences before complaints pop up in online reviews. Experience management isn’t just about happier patients and staff. It’s about managing both patient and employee experiences in thoughtful, impactful ways. Deliberate, effective patient and employee experience initiatives can truly make all the difference for FQHCs and community or rural health centers.

Feedtrail is the chosen provider for FQHCs looking for an innovative real-time patient feedback solution, at a price point that fits within limited budgets. At Feedtrail we’ve pushed to shift the paradigm of outdated, legacy survey solutions that take manpower and heavy resources to pull together insights. We believe healthcare organizations should have real-time surveying with immediate feedback at a low price, so they can quickly adapt and improve experiences.

The XM Platform automates the sending of personalized, real-time surveys and messages via text or email at key moments in the patient journey for actionable experience insights. If your organization is looking to solve experience gaps at a price point that will surprise you, reach out.