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Primary focus will be on coding backend customer requests in a scalable way. Over time, the purpose is to grow into owning more complex backend development projects. Another key area of focus is the development of the entire platform frontend. This role reports to the company’s Head of Product and works alongside the CTO.

Languages and solutions currently in use:

⚫ Django, React.js + redux

⚫ Kubernetes

⚫ Elasticsearch

⚫ PostgreSQL

⚫ Celery


Additional requirements to consider:

⚫ Ability to work well independently and in teams.

⚫ Experience with and an appreciation for agile principles and practices.

⚫ Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

⚫ Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence experience preferred (but not required).

⚫ Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP / NLU) experience preferred (but not required).

Education & Experience / Minimum position qualifications:

⚫ A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Technology or similar required.

⚫ 3+ years of relevant IT work experience.

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