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Newly-released HOLLIBLU and Feedtrail COVID-19 Nurse Survey has finger on the pulse of nursing professionals nationwide, as featured in NBC Nightly News with Stephanie Gosk

  Results from a nationwide survey of 1,200 nurses from more than 400 hospitals gives voice to the physical, mental and emotional toll of coronavirus pandemic. Preliminary analysis of the data underscores the healthcare industry’s lack of preparedness for a crisis of...

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Primary focus will be on coding backend customer requests in a scalable way. Over time, the purpose is to grow into owning more complex backend development projects. Another key area of focus is the development of the entire platform frontend. This role reports to the...

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When the Customer is not Always Right Part II

Last week we discussed the patient experience problem facing healthcare. Leadership and individual providers have significantly differing views of the importance of patient experience. Understanding when the customer is right, when there’s actually an issue, and when...

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When the Customer is not Always Right

The customer is always right. ...right? For many service-based companies, this mantra rings true more often than it doesn’t. It’s not hard to understand that if a customer is not happy with what you are doing, they will likely go elsewhere. When a customer at a...

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