Patient Journey Innovations: Pre-visit

Andy Roth
31st May

Patient Journey Innovations

Pre-Visit: Set expectations


A patient’s journey with your organization begins long before they see a doctor or even check-in for their appointment. This represents an opportunity that healthcare organizations would be smart to take advantage of. If you can properly set a patient’s expectations at the beginning of their journey – long before they set foot inside your building – you’ll be able to build intimate, genuinely positive relationships with your patients. As a result, your patient population and loyalty will grow dramatically and organically.

Patient Journey Innovations


Feedtrail can help you establish a direct dialogue with patients to ensure seamless, personalized patient experiences. Proactively sending messages about upcoming appointments, important facility updates, or new processes helps ease anxiety and reduce questions before the patient encounter, aligning expectations, promoting patient satisfaction, and growing revenue. This often-overlooked area of the patient journey can have a big impact on your bottom line. Here are some ways you can set expectations using Feedtrail:

  • Mass marketing notifications
  • You’ve got news your patient population wants to see and hear. Feedtrail will get this vital information into their hands quickly and efficiently so nothing falls through the cracks. One prominent Los Angeles-area healthcare organization sent out targeted messages to families who had received pediatric care at their facilities informing them that their clinics were re-opening with stringent COVID safety protocols. Within the first week, 22 appointments had been scheduled from these messages.

  • Appointment outreach
  • The pandemic has caused millions of patients to put off elective (and not-so-elective) appointments. Now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, use Feedtrail to show your patients that you’re safely and securely open for business. A large, complex outpatient group was concerned that COVID was causing a high rate of appointment no-shows and cancellations. They used a scaled-down survey to deliver information about their COVID response and recapture those appointments by offering telehealth alternatives. They were wildly successful, recapturing more than 5,000 appointments that would have otherwise never occurred.

  • COVID symptom tracker
  • Let Feedtrail help put your patients’ minds at ease – along with your employees’ – by proactively touching base before an appointment. Several of our partner organizations polled both their patients and their employees to see if any were experiencing COVID symptoms. This allowed the organization to more efficiently move patients through their waiting room while observing social distancing, as well as move employee shifts around to minimize the danger of infection.

  • Pre-surgery check in
  • Surgery is stressful enough. Feedtrail plugs into your intake workflow and allows patients to complete check-in paperwork in advance and sends key reminders to patients ensuring they are ready when the day comes for surgery. One prominent organization needed more patients to complete pre-surgery paperwork before arriving at the facility. Within a few weeks of leveraging Feedtrail, the percentage of patients who completed their pre-surgery paperwork increased by 27%.


  • Virtual check in/Appointment confirmation
  • Appointment no-shows will throw both your schedule and your revenue streams into chaos. Feedtrail prompts patients to confirm their appointments so you stay top of mind. One organization uses Feedtrail to walk patients through the virtual check-in process and sets up a call with a staff member if the patient still has questions. This has helped them confirm more than 2,100 appointments.


  • Telehealth login
  • Telehealth is no longer a luxury – every healthcare organization needs a reliable way to get patients in the virtual door. Feedtrail can make sure your patients are ready to go when their appointment begins. One organization used Feedtrail to help its patients log into their telehealth portal. They sent step-by-step instructions via a helpful link and allowed patients to ask questions which would be answered within 24 hours. Issues with telehealth logins decreased by 35%, and patient opinion of telehealth appointments improved by 41%.

    Savvy organizations know that patients form opinions, and develop trust, before an encounter even starts. Feedtrail can handle patient engagement throughout the pre-appointment process, ensuring you control your messaging, get more patients through your doors, and solve any problems quickly and painlessly. Learn more: